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R+D Projects

We carry out research into and create innovation projects in data protection. Towards an agile and secure digital future.

Mobile ID – Biid

Citizen digital identity of the Barcelona City Hall

This pioneering digital identity project in mobile phones for the Barcelona City Hall enables citizens to identify themselves, access services and easily, securely and legally sign documents for the Public Administration. It was awarded the “2013 Novay Digital ID Award” shortly after being deployed.


Certification of sensitive healthcare information through Blockchain

Firmavitae is a project based on Blockchain technology for the authentication and advanced electronic signature in healthcare environments with respect to birth and death registration as well as informed consent. This project is co-financed by MINECO, through Cedeti in the call for “Research and Development Projects” (File IDI-20170168).


A cooperative network for innovation in Blockchain technology

Firmapro is a member of the Alastria consortium, a semi-public Blockchain/DLT network that is independent, permissioned and neutral and designed to comply with the current regulation, which allows its members to experience these technologies in a cooperative environment.