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We are leaders in qualified digital trust services

What is Firmapro

» We innovate to create secure and efficient transaction environments. «

We are a Trust Service Provider focussed on driving the digital competitiveness of organisations, covering identity and electronic signature services with the utmost legal validity. Moreover, our technology fully integrates into any platform or management system, guaranteeing its ease of use and availability.

We are leading providers in the trust services market thanks to our specialisation and our ability to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

We work as a Certification Authority approved by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce that has issued digital certificates since 2001.

We set up Firmapro to serve the European market while we continue to operate in Spain as Firmaprofesional (, our initially registered name.

What we do:

  1. We issue individual and SSL digital certificates and business stamps.
  2. We provide certified technological solutions in the mobile phone (Firmamobile) or in the cloud (Firmacloud).
  3. We offer other advanced certification services such as Corporate Digital Certification or a Qualified Time Stamp.

Background and shareholders

Firmapro was set up in 2001 to cover the need to provide digital identities for professionals with an activity regulated by law. Its founding partners were Professional Associations, many of whom still form part of the shareholder structure.

Later, it reinvented itself to provide global services to Enterprises and Governments, thereby gaining new facilitating partners (Pimec, Icogam). With this impetus it was able to transform itself through the development or integration of new transformative technological solutions of its own trust services, as was the case of FirmaMobile, which resulted from its spin-off biid and FirmaCloud.

After 18 years as a provider of Certification Services in Spain, pursuant to the European Directive on Electronic signature, Firmapro became a Qualified Provider of Trusted Services in 2017 (UETL), which enables it to provide trust services that enjoy judicial and legal validity, which is paramount for those who wish to compete in the Information Economy.

Firmapro has been homologating its certificates with the new eIDAS regulation since 2017 so that they are recognised in Europe, thereby becoming one of the pioneering companies to do so.


certificates validated


Current Digital


issues of AATL in just one year (2017)

+15 years

experience in
digital certification

R+D Projects

We carry out research into and create innovation projects in data protection. Towards an agile and secure digital future.

Mobile ID – Biid

Citizen digital identity of the Barcelona City Hall


Certification of sensitive healthcare information through Blockchain


A cooperative network for innovation in Blockchain technology

Accreditations and Recognitions that endorse us

We comply with all requirements and we are endorsed by MINCOTUR as provider of trusted services under the eIDAS Regulation.

Technology Partners

By way of different collaboration agreements signed between technology partners and provider companies, Firmapro guarantees maximum quality and the most cutting-edge technology in each project it develops.