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Firmapro centralised signature in the cloud.

This enables access to a qualified signature in the cloud with any device that has Internet access, without the need for cards or readers. A greater level of security with minimum operational complexity.

Firmacloud in a centralised signature with the maximum legal guarantees, having legal equivalence with the written signature, wherever the user may be.

With this service the user can provide qualified signatures without the need to use cryptographic cards or USB cryptographic tokens. The only requirement is to have a mobile device to receive the one-time password that guarantees that the signature is qualified. There is no need to install drivers, middleware or readers.

The Firmapro solution is based on the DocuSign Signature Appliance platform that was created by DocuSign, the pioneering manufacturer and market leader.

Firmacloud guarantees:
The independence of cards, tokens and other local components to use the certificate.

Firmacloud works with Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), values that can only be provided by a QTSP (Qualified Trust Services Provider).

Cases where this solution can be implemented:

Large companies:
Signature of mercantile contracts.
Signature of labour contracts.

Public Administrations:
Electronic procedures.

Professional Associations:
Electronic prescriptions (Pharmacy, Doctors).
Electronic veterinary prescriptions.
Member procedures.