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A proprietary integral certification system and support

This is a comprehensive service because it fulfils a double goal. On the one hand, it creates certificates and qualified time stamps for employees, clients, associated websites, or client company websites. On the other, it stores and preserves those certificates and stamps in a remote secure system to facilitate the digital signature and stamping of documents.

The architecture of our solution uses many components from Firmapro’s service portfolio. It generates a flexible unit that can be integrated into the systems, organisation and business of the client.

The main components are:


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Application Portal

This is a dedicated webpage used by the client’s internal operators when requesting certificates from Firmapro. The status of the requests can be monitored as well as carrying out an exhaustive data analysis on issued certificates.

Remote validation team

This is the service and support of a Firmapro team of experts who verify the data and evidence required to issue qualified certificates. It is an agile team that provides assistance to solve the problems derived from specific cases from verification of identity documents or questions of a legal nature related to the representation of the company.


This is a platform for the custody of remote qualified certificates that enables the production of signatures with eIDAS qualification. It can be integrated into the clients’ central systems through a wide variety of possibilities, being able to accept remote requests to sign documents, verify the user’s credentials (by sending a one-time temporary password, OTP), confirm the signature and return the signed document to the client.


This is qualified remote system from Firmapro that generates a time stamp on the document signed by Firmacloud before being returned to the client’s system.

The certificates available for this system of Corporate Digital Certification are:

  • Webpage Certificate: SSL OV and SSL EV (qualified)
  • Electronic Stamp Certificate*
  • Legal Person or Certified Legal Representative

* In the case of issuing personal certificates, these are stored in a secure remote system (FirmaCloud), enabling the production of qualified electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS. This platform (FirmaCloud) uses DSA technology from Docusign and has been authorised in eIDAS by the European Commission.