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All the SSL and qualified digital certificates

A digital certificate is a digital document issued by a Certification Authority (Firmapro) that enables identification with third parties, lets one sign documents by electronic signature and performs telematic procedures securely and with full legal guarantees

Having a digital signature allows one to automate procedures and processes in an organisation as well as easily and securely access personal information, thereby saving the users’ time, travel and costs.

Our digital certificates comply with the legal requirements of a certification authority (CA) pursuant to the MINCOTUR requirements for Spain, in addition to the eIDAS regulation to be able to issue qualified certificates homologated on a European level.

SSL Certificates

These are protocols that set up secure connections between webpage and user, guaranteeing the authenticity of the webpage and the privacy of the user. Depending on the degree of security and confidence, they can be OV (Organisation Validated) or EV (Extended Validation).

Personal Certificates

These are qualified certificates for users related to organisations so that they can identify themselves, sign, access and digitally perform transactions. They can be natural persons linked to an organisation (employee, client, provider …) or their Legal Representatives.

PSD2 Certificates

PSD2 is the new European regulation on digital payment services that facilitates this type of transaction throughout Europe with higher security, as well as contributing to the adaptation of the banking service to new technologies.

Corporate Certificate

They are Certificates issued to organisations to sign any automated electronic document, on behalf of the company, without making any reference to the data of the legal representative.