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PSD2 Certificates


PSD2 is the new European regulation on digital payment services that facilitates this type of transaction throughout Europe with higher security, as well as contributing to the adaptation of the banking service to new technologies.

After the publication in 2007 and the update in 2013 of this new Payment Service Providers (PSD) directive, the consumer can authorise an e-commerce to execute payments on his behalf through a bank account. This means that, without the need for intermediaries, the e-commerce and the bank now communicate directly via an API (Application Programm Interface).

As a result, financial institutions are affected by open banking and are obliged to give third parties access to their customers’ accounts. The aim is to homogenise the conditions under which all payment service providers (TTPS) operate.

This new framework requires payment service providers to apply Strong Customer Authentication at every start of an electronic payment transaction. In this sense, Firmaprofesional’s PSD2 certificates are the ones that may offer maximum security to any consumer payment platform by ensuring the identity of the parties in an e-commerce transaction through:

1 Confidentiality of exchanged messages

2 The integrity of these messages, meaning the messages have not been altered or modified

3 The non-repudiation of origin, that is, whoever initiates a message cannot deny this point in the future


PSD2 QSealC (Qualified Seal)

Qualified under eIDAS electronic seal regulations with the necessary features to secure PSD2 transactions.


(Qualified Website Authentication Certificate)

Qualified under eIDAS website authentication regulations with the necessary features to secure electronic communication channels according to PSD2

Firmaprofesional is the first and only qualified service provider in Spain that provides both certificates, with full admission in all browsers. Qualified Trusted Service Providers offering PSD2: